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There are a lot of Groundhog Day forecasters who provide winter predictions every Groundhog Day season. Many of them are actual living groundhogs, but many of them are not. We here at Countdown to Groundhog Day decided to put together a list of these forecasters several years ago, and it has grown into the most comprehensive list of Groundhog Day prognosticators available anywhere on (or off) the internet. Click on a name to learn more about each one of these fascinating weather predicting animals or objects. We are constantly searching for and researching new forecasters, so be sure to check back every so often. If you think we've missed a Groundhog Day forecaster please let us know.

Search list:

Name Forecaster Type Location Year of Last Known Prediction
Punxsutawney PhilGroundhogPunxsutawney, PA2024
Octoraro OrphieStuffed GroundhogQuarryville, PA2024
Poor RichardStuffed GroundhogYork, PA2024
Dunkirk DaveGroundhogDunkirk, NY2024
Jimmy the GroundhogGroundhogSun Prairie, WI2024
Oscar the GroundhogGroundhogKutztown, PA2021
French Creek FreddieGroundhogFrench Creek, WV2024
Concord CharlieUnseen GroundhogAthens, WV2024
Buckeye ChuckGroundhogMarion, OH2024
Staten Island ChuckGroundhogStaten Island, NY2024
General Beauregard LeeGroundhogJackson, GA2024
UniTaxidermy mount GroundhogMyerstown, PA2024
Quentin the QuahogQuahogNantucket, MA2024
Lander LilBronze Prairie Dog StatueLander, WY2024
Wiarton WillieGroundhogWiarton, ON2024
Unadilla Bill (Retired)Stuffed groundhogUnadilla, NE2021
Shubenacadie SamGroundhogShubenacadie, NS2024
Sand Mountain SamOpossumAlbertville, AL2024
Manitoba MervGroundhog puppetWinnipeg, MB2024
Gertie the GroundhogGroundhogHanna City, IL2024
Queen Charlotte (Deceased)GroundhogCharlotte, NC2021
ChucklesGroundhogManchester, CT2024
Boise BillStuffed Prairie DogBoise, ID2022
Stonewall JacksonGroundhogWantage, NJ2024
Schnogadahl SammiTaxidermy GroundhogKresgeville, PA2024
Fenwick FlossieGroundhog mascotPelham, ON2024
Sunset SamGuinea PigSunset City, UT2020
Holtsville HalGroundhogHoltsville, NY2024
Malverne MelGroundhogMalverne, NY2024
Two Rivers TunnelGroundhogMira, NS2024
Mount Joy MinnieStuffed GroundhogMount Joy, PA2024
Dover DougGroundhog mascotDover, PA2024
Sir Walter Wally (Retired)GroundhogRaleigh, NC2022
Woodstock WillieGroundhogWoodstock, IL2024
WoodyGroundhogHowell, MI2024
ErnestSkunkSaint-Félicien, QC2020
Balzac BillyGopher mascot Balzac, AB2024
Beardsley BartStuffed Prairie DogBridgeport, CT2024
Cocalico Cal (Retired)Groundhog mascotEphrata, PA2015
Ms. GGroundhogLincoln, MA2024
Will and WileyGrizzly bearsOklahoma City, OK2022
Polk County PaulaGroundhog mascotDes Moines, IA2024
Mojave MaxineDesert TortoisePalm Desert, CA
Patty PagodaGroundhog mascotReading, PA2024
Susquehanna ShermanStuffed GroundhogMount Wolf, PA2024
Bitterroot Bill (Retired)Stuffed yellow-bellied marmotStevensville, MT2017
Stormy MarmotStuffed yellow-bellied marmotAurora, CO2024
Snohomish SlewBullfrogSnohomish, WA2022
Big AlAlligatorBeaumont, TX2024
Grover the Groundhog and Sweet Arrow SueStuffed groundhogPine Grove, PA2024
Middlemiss Mike and familyStuffed groundhogMelbourne, ON2024
Western Maryland Murray (Deceased)GroundhogCumberland, MD2021
Milltown MelGroundhogMilltown, NJ2021
Chilly CharlieGroundhog mascotWoodstock, ON2024
Essex Ed (Retired)GroundhogWest Orange, NJ2021
Chattanooga Chuck (Deceased)GroundhogChattanooga, TN2019
Fred la marmotteGroundhogVal-d'Espoir, QC2024
Flatiron FreddyStuffed yellow-bellied marmotBoulder, CO2024
Bee Cave BobArmadilloBee Cave, TX2024
Tinicum TimGroundhog PuppetPhiladelphia, PA2024
Landis LouStuffed GroundhogLititz, PA2024
Smith Lake JakeGroundhogSmith Lake, AL2024
Potomac PhilTaxidermy GroundhogWashington, DC2024
YahdeeStuffed groundhogSchnecksville, PA2024
Chuck WoodAnimatronic groundhog puppetQuincy, CA2024
Shipoke Sheena (Deceased)Dog dressed as a bear pretending to be a groundhogHarrisburg, PA2020
Chesapeake ChuckGroundhogNewport News, VA2023
Oil Springs Ollie (Deceased)GroundhogOil Springs, ON2021
RufusStuffed Aplodontia RufaSeattle, WA2019
Concord CasimirCatConcord, OH2024
MonaGroundhogSchnecksville, PA2018
Tater the HedgehogHedgehogKansas City, MO2019
Lawrenceville LucyGroundhogLawrenceville, PA2024
SnerdGroundhogGarner, NC2024
NickPatagonian cavyWest Palm Beach, FL
Quilliam (Deceased)HedgehogDayton, OH2020
Pisgah Pete (Deceased)White SquirrelBrevard, NC2021
Sunny the GroundhogGroundhogRacine, WI2021
Grubby the Groundhog (Deceased)GroundhogHope, IN2020
Scramble the Duck (Deceased)DuckEastford, CT2021
Woodburn Wild Charles WinchesterGroundhogWoodburn, IN2024
Snowy (Deceased)Prairie DogPend Oreille County, WA2023
Benny the BassBassBuckeye Lake, OH2024
Hutty the HogGroundhogKansas City, MO2024
Buttercup (Retired)GroundhogWest Dundee, IL2019
Murray the GroundhogGroundhogAlton, IL2022
Harleysville HankStuffed groundhogHarleysville, PA2024
Otis the Hedgehog (Retired)HedgehogWest Orange, NJ2016
Greta the Groundhog (Deceased)GroundhogChimney Rock, NC2021
Winnipeg Wyn (Deceased)GroundhogWinnipeg, MB2020
Buffalo BertGroundhogBuffalo, NY2024
Dozer (Retired)GroundhogJeffersonville, IN2020
Mt. Gretna GradyStuffed GroundhogMt. Gretna, PA2024
Minnie the skunkSkunkRacine, WI2018
Lucy the LobsterLobsterBarrington Passage, NS2024
QuigleyGroundhogQuogue, NY2021
Big TexAlligatorBeaumont, TX2018
Gordy the Groundhog (Deceased)GroundhogMilwaukee, WI2023
Birmingham JillOpossumBirmingham, AL2021
Sweet PeaGroundhogNewport News, VA2019
Nancy the HedgehogHedgehogPortland, OR2019
Cluxatawney HenriettaChickenKatonah, NY2024
Arboretum AnnieGroundhogDallas, TX2021
Prairie Dog PoppyPrairie DogMedicine Park, OK2024
Haddon Harry the GroundhogGroundhog mascotHaddon Township, NJ2020
Poppy the Groundhog (Deceased)GroundhogMillersville, PA2023
First Coast FrizAardvarkJacksonville, FL2020
Birmingham BilboOwlBirmingham, AL2020
Yonah the GroundhogGroundhogCleveland, GA2024
Roxbury RitaGroundhog sock puppetRoxbury, NJ2024
Stumptown FilBeaverPortland, OR2024
Parish (Deceased)NutriaNew Orleans, LA2022
Landing LilyGroundhog sock puppetLanding, NJ2024
HuckyBlueToo (Deceased)GroundhogHolland, OH2020
Great Neck GretaGroundhogGreat Neck, NY2020
Edgewater ElsieGroundhog sock puppetRoxbury, NJ2024
Hope the GroundhogGroundhogHope, IN2024
PhoebeHedgehogManchester, CT2021
JewelsAlpacaWest Dundee, IL2021
Odyssey the OtterOtter MascotDayton, OH2021
Chopper and MarluMarmotsNanaimo, BC2021
Bridget the GroundhogStuffed GroundhogSeattle, WA2021
MT ParkerStuffed GroundhogLancaster, PA2024
PouchOpossumAthens, GA2021
Willie the GroundhogGroundhogIndianapolis, IN2023
Sylvia, The Apex ArmadilloArmadilloApex, NC2024
Bristol BobTaxidermy GroundhogBristol, WI2024
Cincinnati SammyStuffed GroundhogCincinnati, OH2024
Queen City CharlieGroundhog MascotCumberland, MD2024
Unadilla BillieStuffed groundhogUnadilla, NE2024
Okanagan OkieStuffed Yellow-bellied marmotVernon, BC2024
Pisgah PennyWhite SquirrelBrevard, NC2024
Lady Edwina of EssexGroundhogWest Orange, NJ2024
Heaven's Wildlife HarveyGroundhogOil Springs, ON2024
Pumpkin (Deceased)GroundhogChimney Rock, NC2023
Scramble the Duck Jr.DuckEastford, CT2024
EricGuinea PigToronto, ON2022
MontyDog dressed as a bear pretending to be a groundhogHarrisburg, PA2022
Hucky Bella Rose (Deceased)GroundhogHolland, OH2022
Seattle SueStuffed Mountain BeaverSeattle, WA2022
Pennsburg Polly and Pennsburg PeteGroundhog Mascot/Stuffed GroundhogPennsburg, PA2022
Poppy the SkunkSkunkLancaster, OH2024
Cole LumbusWood spiritColumbus, NC2023
Sir Desmond of AlgiersDogNew Orleans, LA2023
CedarGroundhogWest Dundee, IL2024
Sam ChampionGroundhogQuogue, NY2024
Potawatomi PoppyGroundhogSouth Bend, IN2024
WalnutHedgehogDayton, OH2024
Tad and LilFrog mascotsSnohomish, WA2024
Allen McButterpantsGroundhogHampton Bays, NY2024
LeiaAardvarkNew Orleans, LA2023
Kennebec KennyGroundhog mascotAugusta, ME2024
Oklahoma City Zoo BearsGrizzly bearOklahoma City, OK2023
WillowGroundhogDow, IL2023
Willow the WoodchuckGroundhogOconomowoc, WI2024
Potato and YamGroundhogsChimney Rock, NC2024
Elliott the GroundhogGroundhogMillersville, PA2024
Milwaukee County Zoo PenguinsHumboldt penguinsMilwaukee, WI2024
Babylon BelleGroundhog MascotBabylon, NY2024
NibletGroundhogSmithtown, NY2024
SassafrasBlack bearNew Orleans, LA2024
Josie BurrowGroundhogMount Washington, KY2024
Chicago HarryGroundhogChicago, IL2024
WafflesPorcupineColorado Springs, CO2024
Orion the deerDeerNewport News, VA2024
Birmingham BillGroundhogBirmingham, AL2018
Pierre C. ShadeauxNutriaNew Iberia, LA2023
Fufu the HedgehogHedgehogPortland, OR2018
T-Boy the Nutria (Deceased)NutriaNew Orleans, LA2019
LunaHedgehogChattanooga, TN2019
Van Isle VioletMarmotNanaimo, BC2024
Grover Cleveland UndergrounderGroundhogZanesville, OH2024
TivaGroundhogMiddletown, VA2024
Bowman BillGroundhog PuppetStephens City, VA2023
Starr LionsLion statuesGreenfield, WI2024
Prairie Dog PetePrairie DogLubbock, TX2024
Madoc MikeGroundhogMadoc, ON2014
Wildwood WillieStuffed GroundhogToledo, OH2024

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