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Countdown to Groundhog Day

Groundhogs Around the World

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There are a lot of groundhogs and groundhog stand-ins around the world that have their own Groundhog Day traditions. We here at Countdown to Groundhog Day have put together a list of as many of these creatures as we could find. Click on a name to learn more about each one. This list is constantly growing and being updated so be sure to check back every so often. If you think we've missed a groundhog or stand-in, feel free to let us know.

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Punxsutawney, PA: Punxsutawney Phil (Groundhog)

Quarryville, PA: Octoraro Orphie (Stuffed Groundhog)

York, PA: Poor Richard (Stuffed Groundhog)

Dunkirk, NY: Dunkirk Dave (Groundhog)

Sun Prairie, WI: Jimmy the Groundhog (Groundhog)

Kutztown, PA: Oscar the Groundhog (Groundhog)

French Creek, WV: French Creek Freddie (Groundhog)

Athens, WV: Concord Charlie (Unseen Groundhog)

Marion, OH: Buckeye Chuck (Groundhog)

Staten Island, NY: Staten Island Chuck (Groundhog)

Jackson, GA: General Beauregard Lee (Groundhog)

Myerstown, PA: Uni (Taxidermy mount Groundhog)

Lander, WY: Lander Lil (Bronze Prairie Dog Statue)

Wiarton, ON: Wiarton Willie (Groundhog)

Unadilla, NE: Unadilla Bill (Stuffed groundhog)

Shubenacadie, NS: Shubenacadie Sam (Groundhog)

Albertville, AL: Sand Mountain Sam (Opossum)

Winnipeg, MB: Manitoba Merv (Groundhog puppet)

Hanna City, IL: Gertie the Groundhog (Groundhog)

Charlotte, NC: Queen Charlotte (Groundhog)

Manchester, CT: Chuckles (Groundhog)

Boise, ID: Boise Bill (Stuffed Prairie Dog)

Wantage, NJ: Stonewall Jackson (Groundhog)

Kresgeville, PA: Schnogadahl Sammi (Taxidermy Groundhog)

Pelham, ON: Fenwick Flossie (Groundhog mascot)

Sunset City, UT: Sunset Sam (Guinea Pig)

Holtsville, NY: Holtsville Hal (Groundhog)

Malverne, NY: Malverne Mel (Groundhog)

Mira, NS: Two Rivers Tunnel (Groundhog)

Mount Joy, PA: Mount Joy Minnie (Stuffed Groundhog)

Dover, PA: Dover Doug (Groundhog mascot)

Raleigh, NC: Sir Walter Wally (Groundhog)

Woodstock, IL: Woodstock Willie (Groundhog)

Howell, MI: Woody (Groundhog)

Saint-Félicien, QC: Ernest (Skunk)

Balzac, AB: Balzac Billy (Gopher mascot)

Bridgeport, CT: Beardsley Bart (Stuffed Prairie Dog)

Ephrata, PA: Cocalico Cal (Groundhog mascot)

Lincoln, MA: Ms. G (Groundhog)

Oklahoma City, OK: Will and Wiley (Grizzly bears)

Des Moines, IA: Polk County Paula (Groundhog mascot)

Palm Desert, CA: Mojave Maxine (Desert Tortoise)

Reading, PA: Patty Pagoda (Groundhog mascot)

Mount Wolf, PA: Susquehanna Sherman (Stuffed Groundhog)

Stevensville, MT: Bitterroot Bill (Stuffed yellow-bellied marmot)

Aurora, CO: Stormy Marmot (Stuffed yellow-bellied marmot)

Snohomish, WA: Snohomish Slew (Bullfrog)

Pine Grove, PA: Grover the Groundhog and Sweet Arrow Sue (Stuffed groundhog)

Melbourne, ON: Middlemiss Mike and family (Stuffed groundhog)

Cumberland, MD: Western Maryland Murray (Groundhog)

Milltown, NJ: Milltown Mel (Groundhog)

Woodstock, ON: Chilly Charlie (Groundhog mascot)

West Orange, NJ: Essex Ed (Groundhog)

Chattanooga, TN: Chattanooga Chuck (Groundhog)

Val-d'Espoir, QC: Fred la marmotte (Groundhog)

Bee Cave, TX: Bee Cave Bob (Armadillo)

Philadelphia, PA: Tinicum Tim (Groundhog Puppet)

Smith Lake, AL: Smith Lake Jake (Groundhog)

Washington, DC: Potomac Phil (Taxidermy Groundhog)

Quincy, CA: Chuck Wood (Animatronic groundhog puppet)

Harrisburg, PA: Shipoke Sheena (Dog dressed as a bear pretending to be a groundhog)

Newport News, VA: Chesapeake Chuck (Groundhog)

Oil Springs, ON: Oil Springs Ollie (Groundhog)

Seattle, WA: Rufus (Stuffed Aplodontia Rufa)

Concord, OH: Concord Casimir (Cat)

Schnecksville, PA: Mona (Groundhog)

Kansas City, MO: Tater the Hedgehog (Hedgehog)

Lawrenceville, PA: Lawrenceville Lucy (Groundhog)

Garner, NC: Snerd (Groundhog)

West Palm Beach, FL: Nick (Patagonian cavy)

Dayton, OH: Quilliam (Hedgehog)

Brevard, NC: Pisgah Pete (White Squirrel)

Racine, WI: Sunny the Groundhog (Groundhog)

Hope, IN: Grubby the Groundhog (Groundhog)

Eastford, CT: Scramble the Duck (Duck)

Woodburn, IN: Woodburn Wild Charles Winchester (Groundhog)

Pend Oreille County, WA: Snowy (Prarie dog)

Buckeye Lake, OH: Benny the Bass (Bass)

Chimney Rock, NC: Greta the Groundhog (Groundhog)

Kansas City, MO: Hutty the Hog (Groundhog)

West Dundee, IL: Buttercup (Groundhog)

Alton, IL: Murray the Groundhog (Groundhog)

Harleysville, PA: Harleysville Hank (Stuffed groundhog)

West Orange, NJ: Otis the Hedgehog (hedgehog)

Winnipeg, MB: Winnipeg Wyn (Groundhog)

Buffalo, NY: Buffalo Bert (Groundhog)

Jeffersonville, IN: Dozer (Groundhog)

Mt. Gretna, PA: Mt. Gretna Grady (Stuffed Groundhog)

Racine, WI: Minnie the skunk (Skunk)

Barrington Passage, NS: Lucy the Lobster (Lobster)

Quogue, NY: Quigley (Groundhog)

Milwaukee, WI: Gordy the Groundhog (Groundhog)

Birmingham, AL: Birmingham Jill (Opossum)

Newport News, VA: Sweet Pea (Groundhog)

Portland, OR: Nancy the Hedgehog (Hedgehog)

Katonah, NY: Clucksatawney Henrietta (Chicken)

Dallas, TX: Arboretum Annie (Groundhog)

Medicine Park, OK: Prairie Dog Poppy (Prairie Dog)

Haddon Township, NJ: Haddon Harry the Groundhog (Groundhog mascot)

Millersville, PA: Poppy the Groundhog (Groundhog)

Jacksonville, FL: First Coast Friz (Aardvark)

Birmingham, AL: Birmingham Bilbo (Owl)

Cleveland, GA: Yonah the Groundhog (Groundhog)

Roxbury, NJ: Roxbury Rita (Groundhog sock puppet)

Portland, OR: Stumptown Fil (Beaver)

New Orleans, LA: Parish (Nutria)

Landing, NJ: Landing Lily (Groundhog sock puppet)

Holland, OH: HuckyBlueToo (Groundhog)

Great Neck, NY: Great Neck Greta (Groundhog)

Roxbury, NJ: Edgewater Elsie (Groundhog sock puppet)

Hope, IN: Hope the Groundhog (Groundhog)

Manchester, CT: Phoebe (Hedgehog)

West Dundee, IL: Jewels (Alpaca)

Dayton, OH: Odyssey the Otter (Otter Mascot)

Nanaimo, BC: Chopper and Marlu (Marmots)

Seattle, WA: Bridget the Groundhog (Stuffed Groundhog)

Lancaster, PA: MT Parker (Stuffed Groundhog)

Athens, GA: Pouch (Opossum)

Indianapolis, IN: Willie the Groundhog (Groundhog)

Cumberland, MD: Queen City Charlie (Groundhog Mascot)

Unadilla, NE: Unadilla Billie (Stuffed groundhog)

Vernon, BC: Okanagan Okie (Yellow-bellied marmot)

Brevard, NC: Pisgah Penny (White Squirrel)

West Orange, NJ: Essex Edwina (Groundhog)

Oil Springs, ON: Heaven's Wildlife Harvey (Groundhog)

Chimney Rock, NC: Pumpkin (Groundhog)

Eastford, CT: Scramble the Duck Jr. (Duck)

Toronto, ON: Eric (Guinea Pig)

Harrisburg, PA: Monty (Dog dressed as a bear pretending to be a groundhog)

Holland, OH: Hucky Bella Rose (Groundhog)

Seattle, WA: Seattle Sue (Stuffed Mountain Beaver)

Pennsburg, PA: Pennsburg Polly and Pennsburg Pete (Groundhog Mascot/Stuffed Groundhog)

Birmingham, AL: Birmingham Bill (Groundhog)

New Iberia, LA: Pierre C. Shadeaux (Nutria)

Portland, OR: Fufu the Hedgehog (Hedgehog)

New Orleans, LA: T-Boy the Nutria (Nutria)

Boulder, CO: Flatiron Freddy (Stuffed yellow-bellied marmot)

Chattanooga, TN: Luna (Hedgehog)

Nanaimo, BC: Van Isle Violet (Marmot)

Zanesville, OH: Grover Cleveland Undergrounder (Groundhog)

Middletown, VA: Tiva (Groundhog)

Stephens City, VA: Bowman Bill (Groundhog Puppet)

Greenfield, WI: Starr Lions (Lion statues)

Lubbock, TX: Prairie Dog Pete (Prairie Dog)

Madoc, ON: Madoc Mike (Groundhog)

Toledo, OH: Wildwood Willie (Stuffed Groundhog)


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