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Concord Casimir

Forecaster Type: Cat
Location: Concord, Ohio, United States
Description: Concord Casimir is a cat who provides a winter prediction each year in Cleveland, Ohio at Ellison Creek Knob. Casimir got his name from St. Casimir Church, where he was found in 2013. Casimir's predictions are based on how he eats his annual pierogi dinner. Concord Casimir took over duties from his predecessor, Concord Abby, in 2014. Read more about Concord Casimir.
Forecasting since: 2014

Concord Casimir
Concord Casimir

Concord Casimir's Past Predictions

Late Spring : 57.14% (4 predictions)


Early Spring : 14.29% (1 prediction)


'Flip- flop' end of winter : 14.29% (1 prediction)


Mild weather for a while but don't be fooled : 14.29% (1 prediction)


2024 Prediction: Mild weather for a while but don't be fooled
2023 Prediction: 'Flip- flop' end of winter
2022 Prediction: Soggy Winter with lots of rain
2021 Prediction: Late Spring
2020 Prediction: Long Sloppy Winter
2019 Prediction: Early Spring
2018 Prediction: Long Winter

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