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Buffalo Bert

Forecaster Type: Groundhog
Location: Buffalo, New York, United States
Description: Since 2017 Buffalo Bert has been predicting the weather in Buffalo, New York on a day known as Groundhog Day Buffalo. Groundhog Day Buffalo takes place on the last Saturday in January, which makes Bert's prediction the first of the Groundhog Day season. Prior to Bert, his mother Buffalo Mack predicted the weather for 4 years, and now the two of them predict the weather together. A huge ceremony is held, and crowds have reach as high as 800 people.
Forecasting since: 2017

Buffalo Bert's Past Predictions

Long Winter : 100% (7 predictions)


2024 Prediction: Long Winter
2023 Prediction: Long Winter
2022 Prediction: Long Winter
2021 Prediction: Long Winter
2020 Prediction: Long Winter
2019 Prediction: Long Winter
2018 Prediction: Long Winter

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