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Groundhog Day Forecasters Around the World: Woody

Name: Woody
Forecaster Type: Groundhog
Location: Howell, Michigan, United States
Description: Since the year 2000, Woody, Michigan's official state groundhog has provided a Groundhog Day prediction at the Howell Nature Center in Howell Michigan. A small ceremony is held where the public is invited to witness Woody's prediction. Depending on the weather, crowds can range from 20 people to upwards of 100. There have been numerous Woodys throughout the years.
Forecasting since: 2000

Woody's Past Predictions

Long Winter : 57.14% (8 predictions)


Early Spring : 42.86% (6 predictions)


2023 Prediction: Early Spring
2022 Prediction: Long Winter
2021 Prediction: Long Winter
2020 Prediction: Early Spring
2019 Prediction: Early Spring
2018 Prediction: Long Winter
2017 Prediction: Long Winter
2016 Prediction: Long Winter
2014 Prediction: Long Winter
2013 Prediction: Early Spring
2012 Prediction: Early Spring
2011 Prediction: Long Winter
2010 Prediction: Long Winter
2008 Prediction: Early Spring

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