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Groundhog Day Forecasters in New Jersey

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We are currently tracking 9 groundhogs or groundhog stand-ins located in New Jersey. They are listed below. If you think we've missed a Groundhog Day forecaster, feel free to let us know.

Roxbury, NJ: Edgewater Elsie (Groundhog sock puppet)

West Orange, NJ: Essex Ed (Groundhog)

West Orange, NJ: Essex Edwina (Groundhog)

Haddon Township, NJ: Haddon Harry the Groundhog (Groundhog mascot)

Landing, NJ: Landing Lily (Groundhog sock puppet)

Milltown, NJ: Milltown Mel (Groundhog)

West Orange, NJ: Otis the Hedgehog (hedgehog)

Roxbury, NJ: Roxbury Rita (Groundhog sock puppet)

Wantage, NJ: Stonewall Jackson (Groundhog)


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