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Forecaster Type: Groundhog
Location: Manchester, Connecticut, United States
Description: Chuckles is the official groundhog of the state of Connecticut and resides at the Lutz Children's Museum in Manchester. Since at least the mid 1990s, Chuckles has been forecasting the weather in a ceremony attended by hundreds of families and children. Chuckles goes outside and checks for his shadow, then comes in to report whether he saw his shadow or not. Only the mayor can translate for Chuckles. During the event a troubadour sings a special song called "Chuckles is our Groundhog", kids make groundhog crafts, and elected officials address the crowd. There have been many Chuckles throughout the years and each one is properly sworn into office by a state official (Governor, Lt. Governor, or Superior Court Judge). Chuckles X passed away in October of 2020. The latest Chuckles, Chuckles XI, was introduced to the world in July 2021 and predicted for the first time on Groundhog Day 2022.

Chuckles' Past Predictions

Early Spring : 64.71% (11 predictions)


Long Winter : 35.29% (6 predictions)


2024 Prediction: Early Spring
2023 Prediction: Early Spring
2022 Prediction: Long Winter
2020 Prediction: Early Spring
2019 Prediction: Early Spring
2018 Prediction: Early Spring
2017 Prediction: Early Spring
2016 Prediction: Early Spring
2015 Prediction: Long Winter
2014 Prediction: Long Winter
2013 Prediction: Long Winter
2012 Prediction: Early Spring
2011 Prediction: Early Spring
2010 Prediction: Long Winter
2009 Prediction: Long Winter
2008 Prediction: Early Spring
1985 Prediction: Early Spring

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