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Shipoke Sheena

Forecaster Type: Dog dressed as a bear pretending to be a groundhog
Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States
Description: From 2014 to 2020 Ground Dog Day was held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. On this day a dog named Shipoke Sheena (real name Bubble) dressed as a bear that pretended to be a groundhog and predicted the weather by consulting with a NASA meteorologist. Shipoke Sheena did not provide a prediction in 2021 due to the global pandemic, and in late 2021 it was announced that she would be retiring due to a health condition. On October 7th, 2022 Shipoke Sheena passed away due to complications from congestive heart failure. Read more about Shipoke Sheena.
Began forecasting: 2014
Died: 2022

Shipoke Sheena
Shipoke Sheena

Shipoke Sheena's Past Predictions

Early Spring : 83.33% (5 predictions)


Long Winter : 16.67% (1 prediction)


2021 Prediction: No Prediction
2020 Prediction: Long Winter
2019 Prediction: No Prediction
2018 Prediction: Early Spring
2017 Prediction: Early Spring
2016 Prediction: Early Spring
2015 Prediction: Early Spring
2014 Prediction: Early Spring

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