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Chuck Wood

Forecaster Type: Animatronic groundhog puppet
Location: Quincy, California, United States
Description: Since 2013, Chuck Wood, an animatronic puppet, has been providing his Groundhog Day prediction at the Groundhog Fever Festival in Quincy, California. If Chuck sees his shadow there will be six more weeks of winter, if not there will be an early spring. The festival was started by a group of friends and has grown over the years. Events at the festival will vary from year to year but have included activities such as "Whip Cream Wrangle", "Flip Cup Fight", "The Thumb Wrestle Tussle", and a Chili Cook off. Attendance fluctuates depending on the weather, but around 1,000 people attended in 2020.
Forecasting since: 2013

Chuck Wood's Past Predictions

Long Winter : 100% (7 predictions)


2024 Prediction: Long Winter
2023 Prediction: Long Winter
2022 Prediction: Long Winter
2021 Prediction: Long Winter
2020 Prediction: Long Winter
2019 Prediction: Long Winter
2014 Prediction: Long Winter

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