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Two Groundhog Day predictions to be made today

Groundhog Day may officially still be 3 days away, but two prognosticators will be making their predictions today, Saturday, January 30th, 2021.

Buffalo Bert, the groundhog star of the Buffalo Groundhog Day celebration in Buffalo, New York, will be providing a virtual prediction at 2PM EST on Facebook. The Buffalo Groundhog Day celebration is now in its 8th year, and always takes place the Saturday before the official Groundhog Day, meaning Bert is usually the first groundhog to provide a prediction during the Groundhog Day season. The Buffalo Groundhog Day Society is a non-profit which has donated over $30,000 to local animal charities since its inception.

Snohomish Slew, the bullfrog star of the GroundFrog Day celebration in Snohomish, Washington, will be providing a virtual prediction at 1PM PST on Facebook as well. Snohomish Slew’s prediction is the culmination of a weeklong celebration of GroundFrog day events. GroundFrog day has been celebrated since 2006.

We’ll be sure to update our list of Groundhog Day 2021 predictions once we hear from Buffalo Bert and Snohomish Slew.

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