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Countdown to Groundhog Day

33 more days until Groundhog Day 2017

Happy New Years Eve! Only 33 more days until Groundhog Day. If you’re looking for more fun Groundhog Day activities to do with your kids, look no further. We’ve just added some Groundhog Day word searches for you to print out and enjoy. Have fun![]

5 weeks until Groundhog Day 2017

Only 5 more weeks (or 35 days) until Groundhog Day![]

36 days until Groundhog Day

36 more days until the big day! If you’re looking for Ecards to send to your loved ones, we’ve got them. Send one to your friends or family today![]

37 more days until Groundhog Day

Only 37 more days until Groundhog Day! We’ve just added a new Word Fill in the blank, where you can make your own version of Groundhog Day. Be sure to check it out.[]

38 days until Groundhog Day

Alright, I know a lot of you were preoccupied with Christmas and Christmas preparations, but Christmas is now over, so it’s time to turn all of your attention to the next major holiday that’s coming up: Groundhog Day! So start buying your Groundhog Day presents, pick up this year’s groundhog, book Bill Murray for your Groundhog Day party, and start writing out your Groundhog Day cards. Only 38 more days to go![]

40 days until Groundhog Day

Sure, tomorrow’s Christmas, but we all know what you’re really excited about. That Groundhog Day is only 40 days away![]

45 days until Groundhog Day 2017

Only 45 more days until everyone’s favorite holiday, Groundhog Day![]

47 more days until Groundhog Day/Groundhog Song

Only 47 more days until Groundhog Day 2017! Did you know that Steve Burns from the popular children’s television program, Blue’s Clues, wrote a song about Groundhogs called “I hog the ground(Groundhog Song)” several years ago? You can listen to it on YouTube. []

55 days until Groundhog Day!

Only 55 more days until Groundhog Day is here![]

57 days until Groundhog Day

57 days to go. This year, remember to Keep the Groundhog in Groundhog Day![]

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