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Countdown to Groundhog Day

Only 2 more days until Groundhog Day!

Only 2 more days until the most magical day of the year, Groundhog Day![]

3 days until Groundhog Day!

3 days until Groundhog Day! Have you been fattening up your Groundhog to make sure they see their shadow, or keeping them thin, so they won’t see it?[]

Can you find the Ned Ryerson in the Bill Murrays Puzzle?

Can you find the Ned Ryerson (Stephen Tobolowsky) in the Bill Murrays?[]

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Alexa now has Groundhog day commands

Do you have an Amazon Echo? If so you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that Alexa has some new Groundhog Day related commands for you to try out. Some of the commands you can say include:[]

5 days until Groundhog Day

Only 5 days until Groundhog Day![]

Groundhog Day in 1 week

It really is almost here! Groundhog Day is only 1 week away![]

Groundhog Day is Pi Day


8 Days until Groundhog Day

Only 8 more days until Groundhog day!!!! Here’s an appropriate and completely original joke I just made up for this occasion. Why was the groundhog afraid of 7? Because 7, 8, 9![]

Groundhog Day is February’s Cyber Monday


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