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Groundhog Day 2021 Celebrations

Celebrations by State/Province: All | Alabama | Illinois | Maryland | Nova Scotia | Oklahoma | Pennsylvania | Texas | Virtual

Looking for a local Groundhog Day Celebration to attend this year? We've compiled a list of 42 Groundhog Day 2021 events, which you can find below. This list is still being updated, so check back again soon. If you think we've missed an event, shoot us an email!

Groundhog Name Forecaster Type Date Time Location Address Notes
Snohomish SlewBullfrog 01/30/21 1:00pm PSTVirtualOnline
Buffalo BertGroundhog 01/30/21 2:00pm ESTVirtualOnline
Smith Lake JakeGroundhog 01/31/21 2:00pm - 3:00pm CSTBurritt on the Mountain3101 Burritt Dr., Smith Lake,
Alabama 35801
Wiarton WillieGroundhog 02/02/21 TBD ESTVirtualOnline
Punxsutawney PhilGroundhog 02/02/21 6:30am ESTVirtualOnline
PhoebeHedgehog 02/02/21 6:30am ESTVirtualOnline
Fred la marmotteGroundhog 02/02/21 6:30am ESTVirtualOnline
Gertie the GroundhogGroundhog 02/02/21 6:30am ESTVirtualOnline
Western Maryland MurrayGroundhog 02/02/21 7:00am ESTCity Hall57 N. Liberty St., Cumberland,
Maryland 21502
Masks and social distancing are required.
Woodstock WillieGroundhog 02/02/21 7:00am ESTWoodstock SquareWoodstock,
Illinois 60098
Masks and Social distancing required.
Dover DougGroundhog mascot 02/02/21 7:00am ESTLehr Park3700 Davidsburg Road, Dover,
Pennsylvania 17315
Masks and social distancing are required.
Buckeye ChuckGroundhog 02/02/21 7:00am - 8:00am ESTVirtualOnline
Mount Joy MinnieStuffed Groundhog 02/02/21 7:10am ESTVirtualOnline
Poor RichardStuffed Groundhog 02/02/21 7:15am ESTYork Slumbering Groundhog Lodge223 N George St, York,
Pennsylvania 17401
All participants must wear a mask and socially distance.
Holtsville HalGroundhog 02/02/21 7:25am ESTVirtualOnline
Scramble the DuckDuck 02/02/21 7:30am ESTVirtualOnline
WoodyGroundhog 02/02/21 7:30am - 8:15am ESTVirtualOnline
Grover the Groundhog and Sweet Arrow SueStuffed groundhog 02/02/21 7:30am ESTVirtualOnline
Harleysville HankStuffed groundhog 02/02/21 7:30am ESTVirtualOnline
Arboretum AnnieGroundhog 02/02/21 7:30am - 10:00am ESTDallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden8525 Garland Road, Dallas,
Texas 75218
Masks and social distancing are required.
Staten Island ChuckGroundhog 02/02/21 7:45am ESTVirtualOnline
Shubenacadie SamGroundhog 02/02/21 8:00am ESTVirtualOnline
Flatiron FreddyStuffed yellow-bellied marmot 02/02/21 8:00am - 8:30am MSTVirtualOnline
Jimmy the GroundhogGroundhog 02/02/21 8:00am ESTVirtualOnline
Balzac BillyGopher mascot 02/02/21 8:00am MSTVirtualOnline
Yonah the GroundhogGroundhog 02/02/21 8:00am ESTVirtualOnline
Chilly CharlieGroundhog mascot 02/02/21 8:10am ESTVirtualOnline
Greta the GroundhogGroundhog 02/02/21 8:30am ESTVirtualOnline
Hope the GroundhogGroundhog 02/02/21 8:30am ESTVirtualOnline
Gordy the GroundhogGroundhog 02/02/21 10:00am - 10:30am ESTVirtualOnline
Pisgah PeteWhite Squirrel 02/02/21 10:00am ESTVirtualOnline
Ms. GGroundhog 02/02/21 10:00am ESTVirtualOnline
Poppy the GroundhogGroundhog 02/02/21 11:00am ESTVirtualOnlineAlso check out Poppy's Scavenger Hunt which runs from February 2nd to February 6th.
Essex EdGroundhog 02/02/21 11:00am ESTVirtualOnline
Will and WileyGrizzly bears 02/02/21 11:00am - 1:00pm CSTOklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden2101 NE 50th St, Oklahoma City,
Oklahoma 73111
Birmingham JillOpossum 02/02/21 11:00am - 11:30am ESTVirtualOnline
Two Rivers TunnelGroundhog 02/02/21 11:15am ASTTwo Rivers Wildlife Park4581 Grand Mira North Road, Mira,
Nova Scotia
Masks must be worn on the wagon and inside any buildings
Chesapeake ChuckGroundhog 02/02/21 11:30am ESTVirtualOnline
Sir Walter WallyGroundhog 02/02/21 12:00pm ESTVirtualOnline
French Creek FreddieGroundhog 02/02/21 12:00pm ESTVirtualOnline
SnerdGroundhog 02/02/21 12:00pm ESTVirtualOnline
Chuck WoodAnimatronic groundhog puppet 02/06/21 2:00pm - 3:00pm PSTVirtualOnlineYouTube link to be posted week of event.


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