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Countdown to Groundhog Day

65 Days until Groundhog Day 2019

65 days until Groundhog Day! Have you ordered your Bill Murray shaped Piñata yet? Don’t wait until the last minute! You know they always run out.[]

Did you know there’s a Ground Dog Day?

I’ve been working on putting together a list of all of the different groundhogs and Groundhog Day ceremonies around the world, and I’ve discovered that there are several “groundhogs” that aren’t groundhogs at all. One of these is Shipoke Sheena, a dog who dresses as a bear, pretends to be a groundhog, and predicts the weather by consulting with a NASA meteorologist, on a day named Ground Dog Day.[]

Why isn’t there more Groundhog Day music?

We really need more Groundhog Day themed music. I’m unsure why more musicians don’t release Groundhog Day albums like they do with Christmas.
Here’s one surefire hit: The Baha Men (and Women) recording a variation on their classic “Who let the dogs out” called “Who let the groundhogs in.”[]

Only 70 more days until Groundhog Day 2019!

Thanksgiving is over, which means Groundhog Day is rapidly approaching! Only 70 more days until everyone’s favorite day of the year![]

Time to start your Groundhog Day shopping!

It’s Black Friday! If you’re not going out to the stores today looking for great deals for your Groundhog Day presents, or shopping online for them, you’re doing it wrong.[]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today you should stuff your face, just like Phil Connors did when he realized he was repeating the same day over and over and there were no consequences to what he did![]

There are now only 75 Days until Groundhog Day 2019!

In 75 days we’ll all be celebrating the most magical/furriest day of the year. What Groundhog Day tradition do you most look forward to?[]

In an early screenplay Phil Connors manages to leave Punxsutawney

Did you know that in the original screenplay of “Groundhog Day”, after many years of repeating the same day over and over, Phil Connors steals an airplane and actually manages to leave Punxsutawney, flying to his mother’s house in Cleveland? The scene, found in Danny Rubin’s excellent How to Write Groundhog Day, goes as such:[]

How old is Punxsutawney Phil? Pretty old.

Did you know that there has only ever been one Punxsutawney Phil? It’s true.[]

What’s YOUR favorite Groundhog Day related movie?

What’s YOUR favorite Groundhog Day related movie? Is it “Groundhog Day” or maybe “Groundhog Day?” Let us know in the comments![]

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