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Countdown to Groundhog Day

Look for some early Groundhog Day 2024 prognostications today

A number of Groundhog Day forecasters will be providing their prognostications today. The prognosticators include a groundhog puppet, a bass, two frog mascots, and one actual living groundhog.

Benny the Bass (a bass) kicks things off things at 6:30AM EST, providing a prediction as part of Buckeye Lake Winterfest. Benny is then followed by Tinicum Tim (a groundhog puppet), Buffalo Bert (living groundhog), and Tad and Lil (frog mascots) throughout the day.

As the forecasts roll in, we’ll be updating our list of Groundhog Day 2024 predictions.

Several members of the Countdown to Groundhog Day staff plan on attending Tinicum Tim’s Groundhog Day celebration, so look for our update from that event later this weekend.

You can find locations and start times for all of the above mentioned prognostications, as well as most of the forecasters who will be providing predictions this Groundhog Day season on our Groundhog Day 2024 events page.

If you happen to attend any of these celebrations we’d love to hear from you, and see any photos/videos you’re willing to share.

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