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Tips for having a successful Groundhog Day – Part 1

It seems like Groundhog Day arrives earlier and earlier each year. But that’s just a perception. It occurs every year on the same exact date, February 2nd. However if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the upcoming holiday season, we’ve come up with a list of things that you can do to make sure that your Groundhog Day goes off without a hitch.

1.) Keep the Groundhog in Groundhog Day – If Groundhog Day is about one thing, it’s groundhogs. As you go about your Groundhog Day season, never forget that. Too many people just want to have the fun of Groundhog Day, without reflecting on what it’s all about. Think about groundhogs and what they mean to you in particular, and the world in general. There’d be no spring without them, or shadows, or Bill Murray. Remember that.

2.) Do your Groundhog Day shopping early – People are always saying “They put the Groundhog Day stuff out earlier and earlier each year.” But that’s a GOOD thing. The earlier that Groundhog Day merchandise is available for purchase in the stores, the earlier you can buy what you need for the holiday. Sure, everyone likes to put things off until the last minute, but why? Do you really want to be running around late on Groundhog Day Eve, searching for a store that’s open, picking up the items for your Groundhog Day meal and searching for Groundhog Day presents for the little ones? Desperately trying to find the perfect Groundhog Day card for your spouse on the nearly empty racks at Hallmark? The smart thing to do is get out early, pick up what you need and forget about it. Or don’t even leave the house. You can do most, if not all, of your Groundhog Day shopping from the convenience of your own home these days.

3.) Get your groundhog early – Same as with your Groundhog Day shopping, don’t wait until the last minute to get your groundhog. If you get to your local Groundhog lot or burrow early enough, you’ll have your pick of the litter and can get the fattest, healthiest groundhog. As the old saying goes, “the fatter the groundhog, the fatter the shadow.” And you really want your groundhog to be able to see or not see his shadow, at your groundhog ceremony on February 2nd. Wait too long and you’ll get a skinny, tiny groundhog. And then who knows what kind of prediction you’ll get? 8 extra weeks of Fall? No thank you.

Simply Having an enjoyable Groundhog Day

4.) Book your Groundhog Day movie related celebrity early – There are thousands or maybe even millions of Groundhog Day parties thrown every year on Groundhog Day, but there are less than a hundred credited cast members of the Groundhog Day movie. And since cloning of celebrities to make appearances at parties is not yet a legal practice, you really have to act early to make sure you get the celebrity you want as entertainment at your celebration. Act early enough and you’ll get Bill Murray, Stephen Tobolowsky, Andie MacDowell, or Chris Elliott. Wait too long and you’ll be the idiot who has “kid who falls out of tree” at your party. And that’s if you’re lucky. And no one will be attending your Groundhog Day party next year.

5.) Don’t be too fancy with your Groundhog Day meals – People are always getting all caught up and preparing elaborate meals for your Groundhog Day dinners. But you have to stop and ask yourself, what would a groundhog want to eat? Some grass in a bowl? Exactly. That’s all you or any of your guests need, want, or deserve.

6.) Manage your expectations – Groundhog Day is the most important day of the year and everything should be perfect. If anything on Groundhog Day is less than perfect, then just know that you’ve failed yourself, your family, your friends, your employer, Bill Murray, and most importantly, the groundhog.

7.) Relax and smile – Groundhog Day season is a time to spend with your loved ones and spend time thinking about groundhogs, not a time to stress out about your own personal problems, so knock it off. Everything will be OK, maybe. Go hug a Groundhog if you start to get anxious, it will relieve all of your tension.

It’s really that simple. Follow this advice, and you’ll have the best Groundhog Day ever. If you know someone who could benefit from this list, please share it with them.

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