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Shipoke Sheena has passed away

Bubble, the chihuahua who portrayed Shipoke Sheena, has sadly passed away at the age of 9.

Bubble first gained fame in 2014, when she took on the Shipoke Sheena dogsona. As Sheena, Bubble dressed up in a bear costume, and presided over the Ground Dog Day festivities in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where she pretended to be a groundhog and provided a winter forecast.

The Ground Dog Day celebration grew in popularity over the years and eventually grew to include appearances by Harrisburg’s Mayor, Newhart and Blade Runner actor William Sanderson, and live music.

Sheena’s celebrations were hampered in recent years due to COVID, as well as concerns over Bubble’s health. Bubble and her owner moved to New Orleans, and her retirement was announced before the Groundhog Day 2022 season. Then on October 7th, according to a post on Facebook, Bubble died of congestive heart failure.

Although she only lived a short time, she brought a lot of joy to the people who she met and people who learned about her story.

While Bubble may be gone from this world, she’ll live on forever in our hearts. Farewell Bubble. Farewell Shipoke Sheena.

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