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Countdown to Groundhog Day

Two Groundhog Day predictions to be made today

Two early Groundhog Day predictions will be made on January 30th, 2021. Buffalo Bert and Snohomish Slew will be providing virtual predictions in the afternoon.[]

4 days until Groundhog Day 2021!

There are now only 4 days until Groundhog Day![]

5 days until Groundhog Day 2021!

There are now only 5 sleeps until Groundhog Day! That’s right it’s Groundhog Day Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve. If you haven’t already invited Brian Doyle-Murray to your Groundhog Day GoToMeeting, maybe he’s still free?[]

Check out this great Groundhog Day artwork!

We here at Countdown to Groundhog Day always say that there’s not enough Groundhog Day art in the world.[]

One week until Groundhog Day 2021!

There’s now only 1 week until Groundhog Day! Can you feel the excitement in the air? []

10 days until Groundhog Day 2021

There are now only 10 days until Groundhog Day. Are you eagerly anticipating the big day like the rest of us?[]

More groundhogs predicting virtually; see list of cancelled events

We’ve been continuing to update our list of Groundhog Day 2021 events on a daily basis. We have now identified over 20 Groundhog Day forecasters who will be providing a prediction this year. []

Build-a-Groundhog 2021

Every few years the popular bear building store “Build-A-Bear Workshop” offers customers the option to build a groundhog instead of a bear. And 2021 is one of those years.[]

Check out “Groundhog Time”, a Groundhog Day song

For the last few years, we here at Countdown to Groundhog Day have been advocating for the creation of more Groundhog Day music by talented musicians.[]

2 weeks until Groundhog Day 2021

There’s only 2 weeks until the most magical day of the year! How are you planning on celebrating?[]

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