Buffalo Bert predicts six more weeks of winter

One groundhog has already given his winter prediction, one week before Groundhog Day. Buffalo Bert, Buffalo New York’s official groundhog, predicted six more weeks of winter this past Saturday at Groundhog Day Buffalo. Groundhog Day Buffalo takes place on the last Saturday in January. Buffalo Bert has predicted the weather for the last two years,…

Time to wrap your Groundhog Day presents

There are now only 6 days left until Groundhog Day! It’s a great time to start wrapping your Groundhog Day presents. There’s no reason to leave it until the last minute on Groundhog Day Eve. You’ll be a whole lot less stressed if you get a head start today, trust us!

It’s time for Groundhog on a Log™

What is Groundhog on a Log™? Groundhog on a Log™ is a magical fun-adjacent Groundhog Day tradition that has captured the imagination of individuals around the world over the last few minutes. The Groundhog on a Log™ appears in your house one week before Groundhog Day each year. The Groundhog then stares at you and…

One week until Groundhog Day!

So here we are, just one week away from Groundhog Day! What are your plans? Will you be in Punxsutawney in person or watching the live stream of the Groundhog Day ceremony from the comfort of your home? Will you be visiting a groundhog local to you like Buckeye Chuck or Queen Charlotte? Let us know!

10 days until Groundhog Day!

There are now only 10 days until Groundhog Day! It’s seriously time to stop procrastinating and get those Groundhog Day cards written out and in the mail! And don’t forget to leave a card for your mail carrier, because he or she is doing a lot of extra work this time of year.

Check out these Groundhog Day Carols!

I’ve been saying for a while that there needs to be more Groundhog Day music. Well recently I discovered that a CD of Groundhog Day Carols has existed for quite a while. Groundhog Day Carols by Jan and John Haigis was released over 10 years ago and features a number of Groundhog Day related songs…

15 days until Groundhog Day!

That’s right, we are getting really close here! Only 15 days until Groundhog Day!  We’d also like to take this opportunity to remind you that you shouldn’t ever let your groundhog, or the groundhog you stole from your local Groundhog Day ceremony, drive your vehicle. The groundhog in Groundhog Day was a professional. And even…

Groundhog Day Haiku #2

Here’s another haiku we wrote about Groundhog Day:  shadow, no shadow more winter or early spring we love groundhog day  Feel free to write and share your own Groundhog Day haiku!