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Winners Announced in the Groundhog Day TV Specials Art Contest!

Voting in our Groundhog Day TV Specials Art Contest is now over!

Coming in first place is Christine (Tina) Evans! Second Place goes to Stacey Palmer!

Congratulations to both winners for submitting great artwork and participating in the contest! This was a real close one and either entry could have won the grand prize!

If you are one of the winners we will be contacting you within the next day with your prize information.

If you missed the entries or want to see them again, you can check out the contest submissions below.

About this submission: “It was a chilly but sunny February 2nd. Lucy was feeling a little lonely so she decided to take a walk to Central Park. After sitting down on a bench she noticed a brown ball of fur staring at her. She threw it some peanuts and left for home. To her surprise, when she arrived home, the fur ball, a groundhog, was right behind her.”

About this submission: “Lassie – Pen/watercolor”

Thanks again to both of the contest participants!

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