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List of Groundhog Day forecasters still growing

A few years ago, we here at Countdown to Groundhog Day started compiling an index of the various Groundhog Day weather forecasters. Not just the live groundhogs, but the dead groundhogs, the chickens, and the dogs dressed like bears pretending to be groundhogs as well. Over several months, we contacted zoos and farms from around the world, searched through hundreds of news articles, and came up with what we thought was a pretty definitive list.

It’s become obvious though that there are many forecasters that we didn’t come across in our initial search. Fellow groundhog lover, Ed Stern from Zanesville, Ohio, has informed us of many predictors we weren’t aware of in recent months, and we’ve been able to add them to our database, along with many of their past predictions. These forecasters include: Schnogadahl Sammi, Woodburn Wild Charles Winchester, Madoc Mike, Sunset Sam, Bitterroot Bill, Rufus the Mountain Beaver, Wildwood Willie, Grover Cleveland Undergrounder, Gertie the Groundhog, Murray the Groundhog, Prairie Dog Pete, and Fenwick Flossie. We wanted to thank Ed and his brother Joe for alerting us to all of these great prognosticators.

If you know of a Groundhog Day forecaster that we don’t have in our list, please let us know. Any prognosticator, no matter how long they’ve been predicting for or how powerful they are, is welcome.

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