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Groundhogs Around the World

You’ve heard of Punxsutawney Phil. You’ve probably heard of Staten Island Chuck and Buckeye Chuck. But do you know about Beardsley Bart or Milltown Mel? 

There are a lot of groundhogs around the world that have their own Groundhog Day traditions. For the last few months we here at Countdown to Groundhog Day have been researching these creatures and have been surprised at just how many there are. We’ve put together a list of Groundhogs (and stand-ins) from around the world, which you can find here

On the list are mainly groundhogs (both alive and dead), but also hedgehogs, bears, and other animals. 

There are over 60 animals on this list, but there are almost certainly more. We’ll continue to research and update the site as we find more. If you know of any groundhogs that we missed, or have more info to add, feel free to let us know.

Look through the list and maybe you can find a local Groundhog Day ceremony that you didn’t know about that you can now attend! 



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