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Connecticut has a new official state groundhog!

There’s a new groundhog in town, or more specifically at the Lutz Children’s Museum in Manchester, Connecticut. That’s right, a successor to Chuckles X has finally been named!

According to the museum’s press release: “Chuckles XI and her sister were recently released to the museum from a CT USDA certified wildlife rehabilitator. Both groundhogs were deemed non-releasable by both the rehabber and the museum’s local veterinarian.“

Additionally “Chuckles XI is lucky enough to have bonded with another groundhog close to her age so she will get to teach her all about how to earn the title of ‘Chuckles’ someday!”

As you’ll remember, Chuckles X passed away in October of 2020. Chuckles X sadly only made a couple of Groundhog Day predictions during her short reign as Connecticut’s official groundhog. Here’s hoping Chuckles XI will be predicting the weather on February 2nd for many years to come!

For Groundhog Day 2021, a hedgehog named Phoebe stepped in to do the prediction since no new Chuckles had been identified yet.

Congratulations Chuckles XI! We look forward to your first prediction on Groundhog Day 2022!

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