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Check out these Groundhog Day Carols!

I’ve been saying for a while that there needs to be more Groundhog Day music. Well recently I discovered that a CD of Groundhog Day Carols has existed for quite a while. Groundhog Day Carols by Jan and John Haigis was released over 10 years ago and features a number of Groundhog Day related songs sung to familiar tunes. The track list is:

1. Everywhere You Look
2. Good Groundhogs Now Rejoice
3. Hark How He Tells/See How He Smells
4. Heating Bills
5. The Hibernating Groundhog
6. In Punxsutawney in P-A
7. Lo, How a Nose Presuming
8. I’m Numb So Numb
9. Oh Chilly Sight
10. The Second of February
11. Punxsutawney Phil Looked Out
12. Six More Weeks
13. The Little Bum Annoys
14. Check the Calls
15. Groundhog Peers
16. Groundhog Sleeping Underground
17. Gift of Earth’s Warming

And you can now purchase this album through Bandcamp.

These songs are really fun and I suggest you buy the album. We all need to support Groundhog Day music.

If you’d like a physical copy, you can request one by writing:

Past Times Present
1006 Main Street
Darby, PA 19023
(610) 583-0788

or sending an email to:


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