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Reese’s Groundhog Day groundhogs don’t resemble groundhogs at all! – Stop the War on Groundhog Day

So we were able to get our hands on what is purported to be a bag of this coming Groundhog Day’s Reese’s Groundhog Day groundhogs, and, as we feared, they don’t resemble actual groundhogs in any way. Maybe they resemble eggs, or footballs, or maybe even Christmas trees or some bizarre amalgamation of all these things, but what they most certainly don’t resemble is our favorite weather predicting rodents.

Thanks a lot for disappointing us yet again Reese’s! This is just another example of the war on Groundhog Day. We deserve better than “Groundhog shaped” candy that just looks like a blob. We hope that you’ll correct this offense in time for next year’s Groundhog Day, or our Groundhog Day money will be going towards buying Groundhog Day candy from your competitors!

Reeses Groundhog Day groundhog

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