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Normalize asking people who their favorite Groundhog Day forecaster is

You know what’s a great conversation starter? “Who is your favorite Groundhog Day forecaster?”

It really gets the discussion going and it also gives you a lot of insight into the person you’re talking to. If they choose Punxsutawney Phil, over say Buffalo Bert or Shipoke Sheena – it really tells you a lot about the individual. But so often people don’t ask.

We ask people who their favorite sports team is. We ask what their favorite movie is. Their favorite food. Even their preferred airline. So why not ask if they’re more into Balzac Billy or Susquehanna Sherman?

We really wish more interviewers would ask people this question too. Does Taylor Swift love Buckeye Chuck? Does Tom Hanks root for Clucksatawney Henrietta to lay an egg each February 2nd? Does Paul Feig watch Woody the Groundhog’s livestream every year? Does David Letterman have a Poppy the Groundhog action figure on his desk?

It would be fascinating to know.

So this Groundhog Day season, why not start asking the question of your friends and frenemies alike. If you do, let us know how it goes.

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