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The Woolly Worm Festival 2021 winter prediction is here

As previously mentioned, the Woolly Worm Festival was held this past weekend in Banner Elk, North Carolina and we now have the Festival’s official winter prediction.

The winning worm was entered by Eric Wood of Hickory, NC. The forecast, as based on the colors of the worm’s 13 segments is as follows:

Week 1: Black – Colder with Snow
Week 2: Fleck – Colder with Frost/Light Snow
Week 3: Black – Colder with Snow
Week 4: Black – Colder with Snow
Week 5: Light – Warmer
Week 6: Light- Warmer
Week 7: Dark – Colder
Week 8: Dark – Colder
Week 9: Dark – Colder
Week 10: Light – Warmer
Week 11: Light – Warmer
Week 12: Light – Warmer
Week 13: Fleck – Colder with Frost or Snow

Will this winter prediction hold true? We’ll have to wait and see.

The next Woolly Worm Festival will be held Oct 15 and 16, 2022.

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