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Scramble the Duck passes away

Scramble the Duck, one of the world’s most prominent weather predicting birds, has sadly passed away.

The announcement was made on Scramble’s official Facebook page in early December of 2021. Scramble was 7 years old.

For those unfamiliar with Scramble, he first began predicting the weather on his own version of Groundhog Day, called Duck Day, on February 3rd, 2015 (one day late due to a snow storm). Scramble then consistently provided a winter forecast every year until his last Duck Day in 2021.

Scramble’s weather prediction ceremony took place at Ivy Glenn Memorial in Eastford, Connecticut at 7:30 each year. His final prediction was a virtual one with no live audience, due to the ongoing global pandemic.

Scramble’s team claimed that Scramble had an accuracy rate of 100% and that Scramble had a degree in weather forecasting from an institution known as Stormy Heights Academy. Scramble was even awarded a General Assembly Official Citation in 2018. The citation recognized Scramble as “being The Most Accurate Weather-Predicting Duck in the Northern Hemisphere and Possibly the World.”

Scramble almost always predicted 6 more weeks of winter. The one exception was in 2016, when he forecasted an Early Spring.

According to Scramble’s handlers, Duck Day will continue and a replacement predictor is currently being sought out.

Farewell Scramble, we shall truly miss you.

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