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Comedian Chris Gethard wishes you a pretty good Groundhog Day!

Continuing our series of Groundhog Day related Cameos from famous celebrities, we’re proud to share this one from longtime acquaintance of Countdown to Groundhog Day, Chris Gethard.

Gethard is, of course, a well known comedian, actor, author, and podcaster.

In the Cameo Gethard talks about how much Groundhog Day means to him and how he believes that Groundhog Day is the most important American holiday, more important than even Christmas and Arbor Day!

Watch Mr. Gethard’s message below or check it out on Cameo.

Two things we need to correct from Gethard’s video however:

1.) He refers to himself as a “D-list comedian” but he’s an “A-list comedian and friend” in our eyes.

2.) He mentions that he thinks that Essex Ed died – we’re pretty sure he’s referring to a different New Jersey groundhog, Milltown Mel, who died right before Groundhog Day last year.

We still have a few more Cameos coming, so check back as it gets closer to the big day to see them.

And again, if you are a famous celebrity, and want to create your own Groundhog Day themed message, feel free to do so and send us the link.

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