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List of Groundhog Day events for 2021

With Groundhog Day less than 4 weeks away, details are starting to emerge about the various weather predictions that will be taking place.

We’ve collected as many of these events as we can find, and put them together in this list.

Most of these predictors will be holding virtual only events, which makes sense this year, since we are in middle of a deadly pandemic. If you do happen to attend a ceremony in person, be sure to be safe, wear a mask, and practice social distancing.

There are still a lot of Groundhog Day forecasters that we don’t have any information about yet. We expect many of them will be skipping this Groundhog Day.

We’ll continue to update the list as we find out more information, so check back frequently. If there’s a forecaster that you have information about, that we don’t have, feel free to let us know.

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