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Groundhogs: The Supercharged Forecaster coming out on February 2nd

Another new Groundhog Day related story is being released on Groundhog Day, Februrary 2nd, this year, called Groundhogs: The Supercharged Forecaster, by Jared Lillis.

From the author: “The story takes the legend to a place no story has before. Jet, the main groundhog, gets struck indirectly with a bolt of lightning which supercharges his forecasting abilities. He then finds himself forced to work with humans to save his home from an evil logger planning to pulp a chain of national forests with giant, robotic milling snakes. The story involves several positive themes for kids, such as working together, and everyone has value, as well as an eco-friendly message. Plus, the paperback is printed on 60% wheat-straw paper from Woody Harrelson’s company, Prairie Paper, Inc. We are hoping to increase demand for wheat straw paper so they are able to build straw-paper mills in North America to lighten the load from tree-based paper.”

Groundhogs: The Supercharged Forecaster

Check it out, when it arrives in 3 weeks! Go to for more info!

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