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Buffalo Bert predicts six more weeks of winter

One groundhog has already given his winter prediction, one week before Groundhog Day.

Buffalo Bert, Buffalo New York’s official groundhog, predicted six more weeks of winter this past Saturday at Groundhog Day Buffalo. Groundhog Day Buffalo takes place on the last Saturday in January.

Buffalo Bert has predicted the weather for the last two years, and, for 4 years before that, his mother, Buffalo Mack provided the winter forecast. Now the two groundhogs work together to come up with the best prediction.

The crowd this year was about 800 people. $10,000 was raised at a fundraising event for local animal charities.  You can watch the prediction here:

We’ll be keeping track of all of the Groundhog Day predictions for 2019 as they occur. You can see them here.

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