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William Hung wishes you a Happy Groundhog Day!

The third in our series of Groundhog Day themed celebrity Cameos for Groundhog Day 2023, comes from none other than motivational speaker and singer William Hung.

In the video Mr. Hung wishes you all a “Happy Groundhog Day,” then sings part of the song “I’m a Little Groundhog”. The lyrics to this song are as follows:

I’m a Little Groundhog

I’m a little groundhog,
furry and brown!
I’ll pop my head out of my hole,
and look around!
But if I see my shadow,
I’ll go back down,
For 6 more weeks
of winter underground!

Watch the video below or check it out on Cameo.

We’ve got at least one more Cameo to share so come back soon to see it.

And remember, if you are a famous celebrity and want to create your own Groundhog Day themed message, feel free to do so and send us the link.

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