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The 17 best Groundhog Day movies

Groundhog Day is this Sunday, so in honor of the big day, we decided to run down our list of favorite films about the holiday. Here, in no particular order, are the 17 best ever Groundhog Day related movies:

1.) Groundhog Day (1993) –  Directed by Harold Ramis and starring Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell, Chris Elliott, Stephen Tobolowsky, and Scooter the Groundhog, this seminal classic is what every film about Groundhog Day should be – funny, romantic, and uplifting. Bill Murray, playing arrogant Pittsburgh weatherman Phil (“Phil? Like the groundhog Phil? ”) Connors, must relieve the same day over and over again until he finally gets it right.

Groundhog Day movie poster

2.) Groundhog Day (1993) –  Phil Connors (Bill Murray) is trapped in
an unexplained time loop and has to live the same day, February 2nd,
which also happens to be Groundhog Day, over and over again. Experiencing first confusion, then elation, then despair, Connors finally decides to make the best of things, and in the process makes himself a better person.

3.) Groundhog Day (1993) – This film starring Bill Murray, Andie
MacDowell, and Murray’s real life brother Brian Doyle-Murray portrays
the most realistic representation of the Punxsutawney, PA Groundhog Day celebration ever to be captured on film. Surprisingly it wasn’t even filmed in Pennsylvania, but was actually shot in Woodstock, IL.

4.) Groundhog Day (1993) – Bill Murray transforms from an arrogant
jerk into a respectable human being and meets his true love along the
way, all while trying to determine, with the help of Punxsutawney Phil (Scooter the groundhog), whether it’s going to be a long winter, or an early spring.

5.) Groundhog Day (1993) – Bill Murray stars as weatherman Phil
Connors in one of the greatest Groundhog Day related comedies of all

6.) Groundhog Day (1993) – Harold Ramis and Bill Murray (Caddyshack, Stripes) re-team for this romantic comedy about life, love, and groundhogs.

7.) Groundhog Day (1993) – On the first day at her new job, News
Producer Rita (Andie MacDowell) travels to Punxsutawney, PA to shoot
the Groundhog Day ceremony with weatherman Phil Connors (Bill Murray) and camera man Larry (Chris Elliott). Stranded in town for what seems like an eternity, she realizes that Connors isn’t quite
the jerk she thought he was and there’s more to life than getting the big story.

8.) Groundhog Day (1993) – Larry (Chris Elliott) accompanies
weatherman Phil (Bill Murray) and producer Rita (Andie MacDowell) to
Punxsutawney, PA for the Groundhog ceremony. Along the way he’ll learn that there’s a heck of a lot more to his job than holding a camera and pointing it at stuff.

9.) Groundhog Day (1993) – Groundhog Day Master of Ceremonies Buster Green (Brian Doyle-Murray) just wants this year’s Groundhog
celebration to go smoothly, but a crazy out-of-towner (Bill Murray) threatens to destroy everything when he steals Punxsutawney Phil (Scooter the groundhog).

10.) Groundhog Day (1993) – Punxsutawney Phil (Scooter the groundhog) just wants to hibernate through the winter, but Groundhog Official Buster Green (Brian Doyle-Murray) wants him to predict the weather and weatherman Phil Connors (Bill Murray) has his own plans for. Will Groundhog Day ever be the same again?

11.) Groundhog Day (1993) – Insurance salesman Ned Ryerson (StephenTobolowsky) just wants to sell old pal Phil Connors (Bill Murray) some insurance. And he’ll do it, even if it takes 10,000 years!

12.) Groundhog Day (1993) -The Man in Hallway (Ken Hudson Campbell) just wants to know if it’s going to be an early spring or not.
He’ll have to wait 10,000 years to find out.

13.) Groundhog Day (1993) -That’s right, woodchuck-chuckers – it’s…

14.) Groundhog Day (1993) – If you’ve ever wanted to see a Groundhog drive a car, this is the movie for you!

15.) Groundhog Day (1993) – Michael Shannon’s big screen debut!

16.) Groundhog Day (1993) – Bing!

17.) Groundhog Day (1993) – Bing Again!

Agree? Disagree? Let us know.

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