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Some additional Groundhog Day 2022 predictions happened this past weekend

While most predictions for Groundhog Day 2022 happened on the holiday itself, a few took place this past weekend.

Woody the Groundhog was originally scheduled to prognosticate on February 2nd at the Howell Nature Center, but his ceremony was pushed to Saturday due to a snowstorm. Woody predicted six more weeks of winter.

Mt. Gretna Grady, a stuffed groundhog from Mt. Gretna, Pennsylvania and Chuck Wood, an animatronic groundhog puppet, were always scheduled to provide their predictions at their own celebrations on the 5th. Both forecasters decided there would be 6 more weeks of winter.

Despite all of these “Long Winter” predictions the overall consensus amongst Groundhog Day forecasters is still that winter will be ending early this year with 50 prognostications for Early Spring, and 37 for Long Winter.

And with that the Groundhog Day season is officially at an end. Thanks to everyone who’s reached out to help this year. Thanks as always to Joe and Ed Stern for their help in tracking down forecasts and prognosticators. Thanks to Esther Karstad for letting me know about a couple of forecasters and predictions I wasn’t aware of as well.

We’ll continue looking for missing prognostications and prognosticators for this year, and years past.

Hope you all had a great Groundhog Day in 2022. We’re already looking forward to Groundhog Day 2023.

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