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Countdown to Groundhog Day

Happy Groundhog Day 2023!

Happy Groundhog Day everyone! The big day has finally arrived!

We’ve got a list of 60+ Groundhog Day forecasters that will be providing predictions today. If you haven’t made plans yet, check out our list of Groundhog Day 2023 events for some celebrations to go to or watch. If you attend any local Groundhog Day ceremonies, we’d love to see pictures of them.

Happy Groundhog Day!

The Countdown to Groundhog Day staff will be on the road this morning to check out at least one of these events. We’ll post pictures and details when we return.

Although we’ll be traveling a good part of the day, we’ll be sure to update our list of Groundhog Day 2023 predictions whenever possible and upon our return.

If you’re looking for some fun check out our Groundhog Day songs or Groundhog Day related activities.

We hope you have a great time whatever you do today.

It’s Groundhog time!

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4 comments on "Happy Groundhog Day 2023!"

  • Katie B says:

    Hi!! I found you in 2020 from Chris Gethard’s podcast. Each year, I re-listen, I look up results (I live in Philly now), I share the knowledge. It brings me much joy!! At one point I had a shirt, but lost it – gotta buy a new one. I hope you have so much fun today 🙂

    • Countdowntogroundhogday says:

      Glad you enjoyed the episode and are finding joy in spreading the Groundhog Day knowledge. I appreciate you stopping by! Also thanks for buying t-shirt. If you buy a new one, hope you enjoy!

  • Courtney Crawford says:

    This is the worlds greatest greatest website!!!!!!!! I LOVE groundhogs!!!!!! YAYYYYY holy bajeezus I can’t believe it’s gruondhogs day.

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