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2009 Groundhog Day Predictions

There are a lot of groundhogs and groundhog stand-ins around the world and they don't all agree on whether there will be 6 more or 6 less weeks of winter. Therefore we've collected as many predictions as we could find for Groundhog Day 2009 on this page, so we can tell you what the consensus is. If we missed a prediction, let us know.

Aggregate Groundhog Day 2009 Prediction: Long Winter

Total Predictions: 33

Long Winter : 81.82% (27 predictions)


Early Spring : 18.18% (6 predictions)


Predictions by forecaster:

Prediction Name Type
Long WinterBalzac BillyGopher mascot
Long WinterBirmingham BillGroundhog
Long WinterBoise BillStuffed Prairie Dog
Long WinterBuckeye ChuckGroundhog
Long WinterChucklesGroundhog
Long WinterConcord CharlieUnseen Groundhog
Early SpringDunkirk DaveGroundhog
Long WinterFenwick FlossieGroundhog mascot
Early SpringFrench Creek FreddieGroundhog
Early SpringGertie the GroundhogGroundhog
Long WinterGrover the Groundhog and Sweet Arrow SueStuffed groundhog
Long WinterHoltsville HalGroundhog
Long WinterJimmy the GroundhogGroundhog
Long WinterLander LilBronze Prairie Dog Statue
Long WinterMadoc MikeGroundhog
Early SpringMalverne MelGroundhog
Long WinterManitoba MervGroundhog puppet
Long WinterMilltown MelGroundhog
Early SpringMs. GGroundhog
Long WinterOctoraro OrphieStuffed Groundhog
Long WinterPoor RichardStuffed Groundhog
Long WinterPrairie Dog PetePrairie Dog
Long WinterPunxsutawney PhilGroundhog
Long WinterQuentin the QuahogQuahog
Long WinterSchnogadahl SammiTaxidermy Groundhog
Long WinterShubenacadie SamGroundhog
Long WinterSir Walter WallyGroundhog
Early SpringStaten Island ChuckGroundhog
Long WinterSusquehanna ShermanStuffed Groundhog
Long WinterUniTaxidermy mount Groundhog
Long WinterWestern Maryland MurrayGroundhog
Long WinterWiarton WillieGroundhog
Long WinterWoodstock WillieGroundhog

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