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Groundhog Day Forecasters Around the World: Sir Desmond of Algiers

Name: Sir Desmond of Algiers
Forecaster Type: Dog
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Description: Sir Desmond of Algiers (the spiritual successor to Shipoke Sheena), a chihuahua-King Charles Cavalier Spaniel-Maltese mix, will be celebrating his first Ground Dog Day in 2023, in New Orleans. Desmond will provide a weather prediction with the help of a local psychic/card reader. At the event there will also be food and drinks, music, and giveaways.
Forecasting since: 2023

Sir Desmond of Algiers' Past Predictions

6 more weeks of Mardi Gras : 100% (1 prediction)


2023 Prediction: 6 more weeks of Mardi Gras

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