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Groundhogs Around the World: Jimmy the Groundhog

Name: Jimmy the Groundhog
Animal Type: Groundhog
Location: Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, United States
Description: Jimmy the Groundhog has been the official groundhog in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin since 1965 although other groundhogs previously forecasted the weather for the town going back to 1948. Sun Prairie members and supporters claim Sun Prairie is "The Groundhog Capital of the World" a claim that Punxsutawney likely disputes. Jimmy made news in 2015 for biting the mayor's ear during the ceremony. There have been several Jimmy the Groundhogs throughout the years. Read more about Jimmy the Groundhog.
Forecasting since: 1965
Twitter: https://twitter.com/groundhogjimmy

Jimmy the Groundhog's Past Predictions

2021 Prediction: Early Spring
2020 Prediction: Long Winter
2019 Prediction: Early Spring
2018 Prediction: Long Winter
2017 Prediction: Long Winter
2016 Prediction: Early Spring
2015 Prediction: Early Spring
2014 Prediction: Long Winter
2013 Prediction: Early Spring
2012 Prediction: Early Spring
2011 Prediction: Early Spring
2010 Prediction: Early Spring
2009 Prediction: Long Winter
2008 Prediction: Early Spring

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