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Groundhogs Around the World: Unadilla Billie

Name: Unadilla Billie
Animal Type: Stuffed groundhog
Location: Unadilla, Nebraska, United States
Description: Unadilla Billie, a stuffed groundhog, is the successor to Unadilla Bill who predicted the weather in Unadilla, Nebraska from 1986 until 2021. Unadilla Billie will be providing her first prognostication on Groundhog Day 2022. A forecasting ceremony is held as well as a Groundhog Day parade and celebration. Several hundred people usually show up for the event.
Forecasting since: 2022
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Unadilla-Bill-Groundhog-Celebration-311049559877

Unadilla Billie's Past Predictions

Early Spring : 100% (1 prediction)


2022 Prediction: Early Spring

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