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Groundhog Day Forecasters Around the World: Poppy the Skunk

Name: Poppy the Skunk
Forecaster Type: Skunk
Location: Lancaster, Ohio, United States
Description: Poppy is a skunk who has provided a Groundhog Day prediction at 7:30AM on Groundhog Day at the gazebo in downtown Lancaster, Ohio, every year since 2022. At the ceremony she is given a choice of two identical foods bowls. One represents a long winter, and the other an early spring. Whichever bowl she eats from first indicates her prediction for the rest of the winter. Poppy resides in the Goslin Nature Center at Alley Park, a part of Lancaster Parks and Recreation.

Poppy the Skunk's Past Predictions

Long Winter : 100% (2 predictions)


2023 Prediction: Long Winter
2022 Prediction: Long Winter

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