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Groundhog Day Forecasters Around the World: Oil Springs Ollie

Name: Oil Springs Ollie
Forecaster Type: Groundhog
Location: Oil Springs, Ontario, Canada
Description: Oil Springs Ollie was an educational animal for Heaven's Wildlife Rescue Rehabilitation & Education Centre in Oil Spring Ontario, and forecasted the winter since from 2014 to 2021. Oil Spring Ollie passed away in 2021.
Began forecasting: 2014
Died: 2021

Oil Springs Ollie's Past Predictions

Long Winter : 62.5% (5 predictions)


Early Spring : 37.5% (3 predictions)


2021 Prediction: Early Spring
2020 Prediction: Early Spring
2019 Prediction: Long Winter
2018 Prediction: Long Winter
2017 Prediction: Long Winter
2016 Prediction: Early Spring
2015 Prediction: Long Winter
2014 Prediction: Long Winter

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