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Groundhog Day Forecasters Around the World: Fred la marmotte

Name: Fred la marmotte
Forecaster Type: Groundhog
Location: Val-d'Espoir, Quebec, Canada
Description: Fred la marmotte forecasted the weather from at least 2010 in Val-d'Espoir, Quebec until 2022. Fred was found dead just prior to his 2023 Groundhog Day celebration, although when exactly he passed away is unclear. Despite this, Fred's Groundhog Day ceremony was still held and a child was handed a stuffed groundhog and declared that it saw its shadow.
Began forecasting: 2010
Died: 2022/2023

Fred la marmotte's Past Predictions

Long Winter : 64.29% (9 predictions)


Early Spring : 35.71% (5 predictions)


2023 Prediction: Long Winter
2022 Prediction: Long Winter
2021 Prediction: Early Spring
2020 Prediction: Early Spring
2019 Prediction: Long Winter
2018 Prediction: Early Spring
2017 Prediction: Early Spring
2016 Prediction: Long Winter
2015 Prediction: Long Winter
2014 Prediction: Early Spring
2013 Prediction: Long Winter
2012 Prediction: Long Winter
2011 Prediction: Long Winter
2010 Prediction: Long Winter

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