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Groundhog Day Forecasters Around the World: Cocalico Cal

Name: Cocalico Cal
Forecaster Type: Groundhog mascot
Location: Ephrata, Pennsylvania, United States
Description: Cocalico Cal was a groundhog mascot who predicted how much more winter there would be, at the Lincoln Lodge of the Maximus Marmot's Groundhog Day ceremony in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. The last known prediction from Cal was 2015. We suspect that he may no longer exist.
Forecasting since: 2003
Status: Retired

Cocalico Cal's Past Predictions

Early Spring : 100% (3 predictions)


2018 Prediction: No Prediction
2017 Prediction: No Prediction
2015 Prediction: Early Spring
2014 Prediction: Early Spring
2013 Prediction: Early Spring

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