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Countdown to Groundhog Day
Groundhog Blanks - What a Groundhog Day by Elsie

You wake up on Groundhog Day 2013, and take a Car down to see Roxbury Nana, your favorite Panda weather predictor, provide their Groundhog Day forecast. The ceremony is taking place outside Wyndham Soft Playing.

When you arrive at the ceremony you see your neighbor Vincent and say "Hey Vincent, Shiny Groundhog Day!"

"Hey, Elsie, Shiny Groundhog Day to you as well! Are you here to see the Panda?" Vincent asks.

"Yes, Indeed I am, Vincent. Do you think it's going to be a Slime Winter?" you wonder.

"I'm predicting February 21st" they respond.

"You know, I think that actually IS the first day of Winter" you say.

At that very moment you hear the sound of a Floute. This indicates the Groundhog Day ceremony is about to start.

You and Vincent join the crowd.

Aliya, the head Panda wrangler begins to speak. "Wear morning everyone! Welcome to the 1000000000000th annual Roxbury Groundhog Day ceremony! In a minute we'll bring out Roxbury Nana. If Nana sees their shadow there will be 1 more weeks of Winter. If Nana does not see their shadow, there will be a Slime Winter."

Aliya then walks over to Nana's home, pulls them out, and holds Nana over their Head.

The crowd cheers "Nana. Nana. Nana."

Aliya then puts Nana back down on the ground. The crowd goes silent. Nana sees their shadow and runs back into their Tree.

The crowd simultaneously boos and cheers.

"Well Vincent, I guess there's going to be 1 more weeks of winter" you say.

"Yes, Elsie, I'm not too Spooky about that" Vincent replies.

"Well there's always the other 3000000000000000000000000000000000 Groundhog Day forecasters. Maybe they'll predict something different" you mention.

"That's true. Do you want to get some Brunch and then go to to check on the other predictions?" Vincent asks.

"Sure" you mumble.

You and Vincent go over to Tap house and have a good meal. You then spend the rest of the day refreshing the Groundhog Day predictions page. At the end of the day most of the Groundhog Day predictors have called for a Slime Winter.

You spend the rest of the evening singing Groundhog Day carols, eating groundhog shaped Fruit, and watching Groundhog Day movies.

As you go to bed that evening, you think to yourself: "What a Cute Groundhog Day this has been!"


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