Countdown to Groundhog Day

2020 Groundhog Day Predictions

There are a lot of groundhogs and groundhog stand-ins around the world and they don't all agree on whether there will be 6 more or 6 less weeks of winter. On this page we're collecting as many predictions as we can find for 2020, so we can tell you what the consensus is. If we're missing a prediction, let us know.

If you're looking for a local prognosticator to visit, look at our list of Groundhog Day 2020 Celebrations.

Aggregate 2020 Groundhog Day Prediction: Early Spring

Total Predictions: 82

Early Spring : 57.32% (47 predictions)


Long Winter : 42.68% (35 predictions)


Predictions by groundhog

Early Spring: Arboretum Annie (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Balzac Billy (Gopher mascot)

Early Spring: Beardsley Bart (Stuffed Prairie Dog)

Early Spring: Bee Cave Bob (Armadillo)

Long Winter: Birmingham Bilbo (Owl)

Early Spring: Boise Bill (Stuffed Prairie Dog)

Early Spring: Buckeye Chuck (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Buffalo Bert (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Chesapeake Chuck (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Chuck Wood (Animatronic groundhog puppet)

Early Spring: Chuckles (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Clucksatawney Henrietta (Chicken)

Long Winter: Concord Charlie (Unseen Groundhog)

Early Spring: Dover Doug (Groundhog mascot)

Early Spring: Dunkirk Dave (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Ernest (Skunk)

Long Winter: Essex Ed (Groundhog)

Early Spring: First Coast Friz (Aardvark)

Long Winter: Flatiron Freddy (Stuffed yellow-bellied marmot)

Early Spring: Fred la marmotte (Groundhog)

Early Spring: French Creek Freddie (Groundhog)

Long Winter: General Beauregard Lee (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Gordy the Groundhog (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Great Neck Greta (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Greta the Groundhog (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Grover the Groundhog (Stuffed groundhog)

Long Winter: Grubby the Groundhog (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Haddon Harry the Groundhog (Groundhog mascot )

Long Winter: Holtsville Hal (Groundhog)

Long Winter: HuckeyBlueToo (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Jimmy the Groundhog (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Lander Lil (Bronze Prairie Dog Statue)

Early Spring: Landing Lily (Groundhog sock puppet)

Early Spring: Lawrenceville Lucy (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Lucy the Lobster (Lobster)

Long Winter: Malverne Mel (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Manitoba Merv (Groundhog puppet)

Early Spring: Milltown Mel (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Mount Joy Minnie (Stuffed Groundhog)

Early Spring: Ms. G (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Mt. Gretna Grady (Stuffed Groundhog)

Early Spring: Mt. Gretna Grady (Stuffed Groundhog)

Early Spring: Octoraro Orphie (Stuffed Groundhog)

Early Spring: Oil Springs Ollie (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Parish (Nutria)

Long Winter: Patty Pagoda (Groundhog mascot)

Early Spring: Pierre C. Shadeaux (Nutria)

Long Winter: Pisgah Pete (White Squirrel)

Long Winter: Polk County Paula (Groundhog mascot)

Early Spring: Poor Richard (Stuffed Groundhog)

Early Spring: Poppy the Groundhog (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Potomac Phil (Taxidermied Groundhog)

Early Spring: Punxsutawney Phil (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Queen Charlotte (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Quigley (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Quilliam (Hedgehog)

Early Spring: Roxbury Rita (Groundhog sock puppet)

Early Spring: Sand Mountain Sam (Opossum)

Long Winter: Scramble the Duck (Duck)

Long Winter: Shipoke Sheena (Dog dressed as a bear pretending to be a groundhog)

Long Winter: Shubenacadie Sam (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Sir Walter Wally (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Smith Lake Jake (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Snerd (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Snohomish Slew (Bullfrog)

Early Spring: Staten Island Chuck (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Stonewall Jackson (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Stormy Marmot (Stuffed yellow-bellied marmot )

Early Spring: Stumptown Fil (Beaver)

Early Spring: Sunny the Groundhog (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Susquehanna Sherman (Stuffed Groundhog)

Long Winter: Two Rivers Tunnel (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Unadilla Bill (Stuffed groundhog)

Long Winter: Uni (Taxidermied Groundhog)

Long Winter: Van Isle Violet (Marmot)

Early Spring: Western Maryland Murray (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Wiarton Willie (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Will and Wiley (Grizzly bears)

Early Spring: Winnipeg Wyn (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Woodstock Willie (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Woody (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Yonah the Groundhog (Groundhog)


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